Mid-August Update

After a hot and dry summer, we got about 3″ of rain over the weekend. With the ground suddenly saturated, my sunflowers and corn started falling over. I braced up the corn with a couple of large garden stakes, but that wouldn’t work for the sunflowers:

The rain saturated ground caused my sunflowers and corn to fall over.

The solution I found was to use the fence posts from my rabbit fencing to prop up the sunflowers.

Using steel fence posts to prop up my sunflower plants.

The sunflowers still look kind of sad, with the summer coming to a close:

The top-heavy sunflowers are drooping after the recent rains

I’ve known all summer that there was a toad living in my flower garden, just from the signs of his digging, But since he only comes out at night, I never got a picture… until now!

The toad living in my flower garden beds.

I also found a toad hopping around amongst the corn stalks in my vegetable garden

A toad amongst the corn in my garden

A recent day’s harvest

My one pie pumpkin is beginning to turn orange