Lammas Day

In the old agricultural calendar, August 1st was known as Lammas Day and it marked the start of the harvest season. To celebrate the event, I am posting a selection of photos from my own garden, taken during the time since I last posted.

A view of my garden from around mid-July

Okra beginning to form

First harvest, around mid-July

Ornamental corn

A bloom on the potted hibiscus which spends the summers living on the back patio

Another day’s harvest

I planted this crepe myrtle in the front yard a few years ago.

It’s been a hot summer here in central Oklahoma. This is the display from my backyard weather station. The actual temperature is in the upper right corner, the “heat index” is displayed near the middle of the screen.

Another day’s harvest

Nothing says high summer like deep blue skies, white clouds, ripening corn and sunflower blooms

A more recent view of the garden

I made a small batch of pickled okra for the first time this year

I planted a few pie pumpkin seeds among the corn and so far one is coming along nicely.

This watermelon is actually a “volunteer” plant (I did not plant it on purpose). It just sprouted on it’s own last spring and I’ve let it go ever since.

Ripening ears of ornamental corn

That’s it for now! Watch for updates on my 2018 Almanack & Garden Journal! As usual, I plan to release it over the Labor Day weekend, in early September.