Monthly Archives: June 2018

Midsummer Day Update

Today is historically known as Midsummer Day, and it’s time for an update! My gardening activities were by necessity scaled back this year due to having ankle surgery last March. However, I did get some planting done and things are coming along nicely. In a switch from recent years, my flower gardens are doing better than my vegetable garden.

Zinnias in my front yard flower bed.

More zinnias and some marigolds. The climbing vines are morning glories and moonflowers.

Pepper plant and flowers.

Tomato plant and flowers.

Ornamental corn

There was a squirrel feeding at the bird feeder during a brief rainstorm this afternoon. Notice how he is holding his tail over himself to keep the rain off. I have heard that squirrels do this but had never seen it before.

Meanwhile, work has begun on my 2019 Almanack & Garden Journal! Watch for it to be available sometime in the Fall!