Monthly Archives: April 2017

Spring 2017 Update

Here are a few photos from my spring gardening activities. Nothing in the vegetable garden yet, it’s still a bit early in the season for that because everything I am planning is hot weather. However, there’s been a lot going on in the flower garden beds. I suffered a minor setback when a pocket gopher showed up, but that problem was dealt with.

It was a very mild winter and early spring, so the daffodils bloomed very early. These are the descendants of some daffodils that were growing at a rental house I lived in back in the ’90s. When I moved out I dug a few of the bulbs and took them with me. Those spent about 6 years growing at my mother’s place while I lived in an apartment and then I dug those bulbs and planted them here in 2009.

I now just purchase flower seedlings, rather than trying to start my own. I have found that I have much better luck that way, the ones I start indoors always have a hard time making the adjustment when I put them outside.

I lost some of these flower seedlings when a pocket gopher turned up in the yard. After resolving that problem, I had to replace the plants it had eaten down to nothing.

Here are some of the seed packets I ordered for this year.

I did start a couple of the Bullnose pepper seeds, here they are coming along nicely. I put them outside whenever possible, so hopefully they will adapt well when they get transplanted outdoors.