Mid-July Garden Update

It’s been a big month for the garden, here are some photos to illustrate!


Everything is growing well

20160714_183238A volunteer watermelon which I decided to just let wander where it wants

Blossoms on the bean plants


Ears are starting to form on the ornamental corn20160715_18050120160714_183307

Moon as seen through the corn plants20160716_131925

Volunteer zinnias which I transplanted into one spot in the flower bed.20160716_132026

Profusion Orange Zinnias20160716_131909

State Fair Zinnias20160714_182425

Okra and Jalapenos20160714_182631

Cucumbers from the garden20160717_175218

We made a batch of pickles today!

Independence Holiday Flooding

This actually occurred on July 3rd, but our Independence Day celebrations were in full swing. The weather had been hot and dry all day, but late in the afternoon the sky clouded up and soon it began to rain. We got about 2″ of rain in an hour, and the local drainage system could not keep up. So, just like during the Spring of 2015, the streets and my yard partially flooded. Here are a few photos:

13607024_10154508798538287_3696484706686105573_n 20160703_205454 20160703_205515

Fortunately, once the rain stopped the excess water quickly drained off. But it’s always a nervous time for us when this sort of thing occurs because you never know just how high the water is going to go.

Late June Garden Update

Posting a couple of photos taken at the vegetable garden today. Everything is coming along nicely although the peppers are not really progressing very much. We’ve had very hot weather recently, so that may be a contributing factor.

On the other hand, the corn, okra and cucumbers are growing like crazy. I did not plant any watermelon or cantaloupe this year, but a few voluntary vines sprouted among the beans. So I am letting them grow. I am also trying very hard to keep my tomato plants pruned and trained, that’s something that I have been slack on in past years.

And finally, I noticed the first cucumber of the season today!20160625_173427 20160625_173617

More Planting!

Today I planted more okra seed, to fill in the spots that did not germinate after the original planting. I also planted two beds with two different varieties of bean, which I intend to harvest as dry beans. I also planted some sugar pumpkins and pole beans amongst my existing Ornamental Corn stands, in an attempt to replicate the “Three Sisters” technique used by Native Americans. Here are a few pics!


Jalapeno peppers already forming!

Cucumber plants20160606_125019

Wade’s Flint Ornamental Corn20160606_125012

Glass Gem Ornamental Corn

End of May Update

Although the garden is still very young, I though I would post a couple of new photos to show how things are coming along.

The ornamental corn is growing quickly. Beyond that, you can just make out some cucumber sprouts and beyond those are pepper and tomato plants. In the Square Foot Garden bed, I have the zinnia and marigold seedlings I purchased earlier in the month, along with a different variety of cucumber which I planted a couple of weeks ago.

20160527_132611 20160527_133846

Ornamental Corn Sprouting in the Garden

Last week I planted two types of Ornamental Corn in my garden, Wade’s Giant Indian and Glass Gem. ┬áBoth already have almost 100% germination rate, the Glass Gem corn came up a couple of days earlier than the Wade’s Giant.20160515_220738

Glass Gem Corn

Glass Gem Corn, 6 days after planting

Wade's Giant Indian Corn

Wade’s Giant Indian Corn, 6 days after planting