Midsummer Day Update

Today is historically known as Midsummer Day, and it’s time for an update! My gardening activities were by necessity scaled back this year due to having ankle surgery last March. However, I did get some planting done and things are coming along nicely. In a switch from recent years, my flower gardens are doing better than my vegetable garden.

Zinnias in my front yard flower bed.

More zinnias and some marigolds. The climbing vines are morning glories and moonflowers.

Pepper plant and flowers.

Tomato plant and flowers.

Ornamental corn

There was a squirrel feeding at the bird feeder during a brief rainstorm this afternoon. Notice how he is holding his tail over himself to keep the rain off. I have heard that squirrels do this but had never seen it before.

Meanwhile, work has begun on my 2019 Almanack & Garden Journal! Watch for it to be available sometime in the Fall!

Time for Spring Planting!

Spring was rather late in coming this year. But I haven’t had much garden news to post anyway because I had ankle surgery in early March and was unable to do any outdoor work. However, the recovery process is coming along and today I was able to get a little work done in my flower garden beds. I dug the soil in preparation for planting and I also purchased several seedlings.

The soil in my flower bed is loosened for spring planting. I have two daisies from last year that have returned again this year.

Marigolds which will be planted in my flower beds.

More daisies to be planted in the flower bed.

A couple of ornamentals for planting elsewhere in the yard.

Some tomato and pepper plants for the vegetable garden.

More Garden Preparation

Sometime during the winter, I work composted manure into the garden beds. This gives it plenty of time to become integrated into the soil before the spring planting. After last week’s rain and ice, today proved to be a perfect day for working outside.
In addition to the manure, I also emptied my compost bin into the garden. I first dug a trench down the length of one of the beds, then buried the partially-composted material in it.
Finally, I worked everything into the soil with my cultivator. With more rain expected next week, everything should now be ready when it is finally warm enough to plant!

Thanksgiving Day Update

Work continues on my 2018 Almanack & Garden Journal. With the holiday season here, I expect to have enough free time to complete it before the New Year arrives. In the meantime, here are a few photos from the remainder of the summer since my last garden update:

The okra always flourishes in the late summer heat of central Oklahoma

There is always more okra than can be eaten fresh, so this year I began pickling it as well

My one surviving Moonflower finally began blooming in September.

By late September the ornamental corn had dried.

The ornamental corn variety “Bloody Butcher” is probably the best all-around I’ve ever grown.

It was a mild Fall and everything continued producing well into October

By early November garden clean-up was finished and the 2017 gardening season was closed!